Yes, I am a Pagan AND Jesus Christ is my Master

By Lifeologist Wilna Renee Walker

Flying high in the clouds, I vividly remember opening my eyes from a nap, and looking out the window of the plane to see Jesus praying over me.  I was three years old, and it made perfect sense to see Jesus in the clouds, because the sky is where I was told Jesus lived.  In my excitement, I turned to get my mother’s attention and show her what I was seeing, but by the time we both were looking out the window, Jesus’ image had faded from sight.  He may have faded out of sight, but a permanent impression of his love was made on my heart that day.  I know without a doubt that Jesus Christ was praying a blessing over me that day and that he will be with me all of my days.

As I grew up and matured, I practiced many forms of Christianity, so many in fact, that when people would ask me what my religion was, I would reply “eclectic”.  Each denomination had its own flare and beauty to it, and I gain a well-rounded teaching of Christ.  What I did not find however, was the deep love of the Christ introduced to me when I was three.  It seemed to me that instead of living an expression of Christ’s love, each church was focused on teaching how to conform one’s self to the interpretation of someone else’s understanding of what “they” thought living in love “should” look like.  Conforming never felt right to me, therefore I never really fit in to a church group.

In the summer of 2009, I was led to enroll in to the Mind Body Wellness practitioner program at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  My very first class was Reiki 1.  Going into this class, I had absolutely no idea what Reiki was and no idea that my life as I knew it would be changed forever.  Within the first hour of class, I knew that I was spiritually home.  I felt the peaceful love of Christ for the first time since that plane ride so many years ago.

The transformation to a Reiki Master/ Teacher has not been the smoothest ride, but Jesus Christ has been with me every step of the way.  This past fall, I began to feel the master symbol raising my energetic vibration and with that, I also began to feel the need to discover a way to add formality to my spiritual practices.  I tried going back to attending a traditional Christian church service, but my spirit was thirsting for deeper teachings.  I wanted to be free of the spiritual expectations of others, to express my personal authentic spiritual self, and fully embrace my eclectic belief structure.

Nature had become an important aspect to my spiritual life, so I decided to learn more about an earth centered religion, Paganism.  Boy oh boy, was I surprised to discover how closely the principles of Paganism mirrored my personal beliefs.  There are 7 principles;

 (1) You are responsible for the beliefs you choose to adopt

(2) You are responsible for your own actions and your spiritual and personal development

(3) You are responsible for deciding who or what Deity is for you, and forming a relationship with that Deity

(4) Everything contains the spark of intelligence

(5) Everything is sacred

(6) Each part of the universe can communicate with each other part, and these  parts often cooperate for specific ends

(7) Consciousness survives death

                 Some have asked me if I am a Witch.  Although Wicca is the most popular tradition or denomination of Paganism, there is so much more to the Pagan religion.  I have kept my foundational belief in Jesus Christ and have incorporated a reverence to nature and the balance of male and female energies into my beliefs, and allow others have their spiritual beliefs without judgment or fear.  I have actually let go of fear and am now open to exploring various spiritual aspects, which have opened me up to a greater awareness, greater intuition, greater understanding of self, and a greater spiritual conviction.

Today, I feel the presence of Jesus Christ more strongly than ever.  He is my confidant, guides me in all my actions and provides me with protection.  I am more secure in my relationship with Chris, and I am able to enjoy learning about other people’s spiritual beliefs without judgment or fear of rejection for my beliefs.  As a Spiritual Wellness Coach, being curious to learn about other people’s spiritual beliefs is imperative to lovingly facilitate spiritual health and a personal understanding for others so they too can experience spiritual freedom.

Your beliefs aren’t wrong. The desire to explore and find Your connection to Your God(dess), Spirit, HigherSelf, whomever or whatever, is the search of and for fulfillment.  If those beliefs bring you comfort, help you stay true, support your values, affording love and compassion by generating a feeling of acceptance and connection – who is Anyone to tell You they’re wrong?

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  1. Beliefs are as personal as underwear choices. Sometimes we outgrow a style, they no longer fit, we need some color or we miss the old comfy ones. The beauty in this writing is the freedom to grow and shift in our spirituality as we grow. It’s knowing that it’s ok to have fun and explore what My spirituality looks like for Me and that I don’t need Your permission to do it! Well done, thank you!!! Namaste ~ Madison

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