What Are You Holding Onto?

Are your hands filled with old beliefs, unhealthy relationships, stagnant routine, uninspiring work and/or do you find yourself surrounded by lifeless furnishings and plagued by clutter? What are you holding onto that’s holding you back?

It’s time to assess where we are, where we want to go and what we need to let go of to get there.  Current habits, routines, relationships and even our free time may need to be adjusted or even sacrificed to make way for new energies.  Self assessment can be tough, however it is also enlightening.  Be kind to yourself and be truthful.  If the process feels overwhelming, break it down into groups – e.g. Work, friendships, self-image.  Then move into establishing realistic goals.  Don’t overreach trying to do too much too soon, you want to avoid creating a feeling of self defeat by over extending yourself.  Instead, set mini goals and rewards along the way to your end objective, thereby creating an encouraging environment.

As we take our steps, we’re sure to encounter some necessary work that needs to be done in order to obtain the goals we’ve established.  The saying “What you give is what you get” comes to mind or karma.  Remember, we’ve created our own situation, whether through active or passive participation. It’s best to methodically move towards your objective while simultaneously discarding what no longer serves you.  If you want to be filled with joy and happiness you’ll have to release the hurt and forgive.   If you want to lose 20lbs you’ll have to release poor food choices.  If you want better relations with family, you may have to release the need to be right. If you want a new love, don’t brood over past ones.

‘To reach for something greater you must let go of what’s in your hand’.

May you be Learning, Living & Letting Go.

Namaste ~ Madison


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