The Hike of My Life

Blog by Lifeologist Chris Johnson:

Standing at the bottom of a mountain staring up at it can be very intimidating. The trail looks to be fairly easy as far as I can see. I start walking the trail and my mind wonders. I experience amazing colors around me in oranges, green, and yellow. There are even the little friends that pop out every now and then to say hello. As long as the Lizards keep a distance I feel safe. I take my first break on the mountain and look back at how far I have come. I feel good. I am sweating and a little short of breath, but the view from here is so beautiful to see.

Break over and I start my way up the mountain more. Breathing is getting a little harder and I feel tired. The thought of giving up is starting to enter my mind. Should I just turn around now? I still have to walk all the way back down the mountain. In that moment there was something in my heart telling me to keep going. One foot in front of the other, I kept on the trail.

I finally reach a mid point on this journey and find myself surrounded by gentle winds and the sun is covering me with warm kisses. As I stood there looking at the scenery and realizing how peaceful and beautiful my city is. I just smiled. I took in a few more deep, cleansing breaths and then started back on my journey to the top of the mountain. The thoughts came back and there I was debating if I can even finish this hike. I am not as strong or skinny as these other people hiking. Not to mention the people who have jogged past me as I struggled over a boulder. These thoughts made me question myself. But still there was something inside me that said. “Keep going, you are almost there.” I pushed on. There were more struggles that came up. I am not used to climbing over rocks, but each time I pulled my self up, I felt more and more accomplished on my journey.

Finally, I made it to the top of the mountain! What an amazingly gorgeous site it is. I would have never have guessed that this breath taking scenery existed in real life and here I am taking it all in. I sat on the top of the mountain gazing around at all of the beauty Mother Nature has to offer. I knew in that moment that if I had given up and turned around, that I would have missed something so wonderful.

This made me think about my life and how there are times when I face challenges and struggles. I think about how fear and self doubt have sabotaged me in the past. How many times did I give up and turn around? How many Amazing things have I missed out on by not going the extra mile needed to finish? This hike was not just a hike; it was a lesson in life.



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