Our Signature Program: The Daring Way™

Madison Miles, CLC, CCht is a Certified Daring Way™ Candidate (CDW-Candidate). Only Certified Daring Way™ Facilitators (or Candidates) are sanctioned to provide The Daring Way™ workshops. It’s important and courageous work that can transform your life and how you see the world.

daring way
So What is the Program About?

The Daring Way  is a highly experiential methodology based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. The method was designed for work with individuals, couples, families, work teams, and organizational leaders. It can be facilitated in clinical, educational, and professional settings. During the process we explore topics such as vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness. We examine the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are holding us back and we identify the new choices and practices that will move us toward more authentic and wholehearted living. The primary focus is on developing shame resilience skills and developing daily practices that transform the way we live, love, parent, and lead.

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Life Coaching

A Life Coach is your partner in achieving your goals, your biggest support and loudest cheerleader. Providing a focused, safe environment for open dialogue we work in the belief that you already have the answers within, you just may need some help seeing them.
We then create a personalized plan to get you from your point A to point B, releasing obstacles, resistance, old beliefs and/or patterns that may be holding you back from fully Living your realized dreams.


It’s a process;

Learning – We help you create the tools and resources that work for you to achieve your desired results.

Living – Taking the steps to implement the new information, your new tools into your life.

Letting Go – Releasing any thought patterns, belief systems, negative habits or resentments that may hold you back from achieving your dreams.

Sessions can take place in the office, over the phone, through skype or the neighborhood coffee shop and at times, your office or home.


hypnotherapyFirst, let’s start with what is Hypnosis. Hypnosis is a relaxed, trancelike state or altered stated of consciousness, where you are always aware and in control. If you’ve ever been so involved in a movie or book that you lost track of time and space, then you’ve experienced a trancelike state. Staring off into the distance, daydreaming… same thing.

The conscious mind is 10-15% of the human consciousness. This is where our decision making process happens – where we rationalize and analyze, where we can only hold a single thought at a time, even if it is at lightning speed.

The subconscious mind makes up the remaining 85-90% and is comparable to a super computer that stores all the information of your life. Every event, emotion, situation that you have experienced is stored here. It controls our Autonomic Nervous System; heart beat, breathing, organs; everything that you don’t have to think of, digesting your food, cell growth, healing, ect. The subconscious is like the computer program in the background running you.

We ‘think’ we are making rational decisions, however our decision making process is based on a belief system of every event that has ever happened to us – the good, the bad and the ugly. For every experience, we’ve learned a behavior in response and each time something similar happens, our physical and emotional reactions attached to the memory are repeated. In some cases these reactions are unhealthy and unbeneficial.

We always respond, behave and feel according to what we believe and envision to be true about ourselves.

Hypnotherapy helps to separate the memory from the learned behavior, and replace unhealthy behaviors with new, healthier ones by getting the conscious mind out of the way and allowing you to do the work at the subconscious level where everything is stored. We work to help you release old beliefs that may be holding you back from living your life to the fullest. Some of the techniques we may use are Guided Imagery, Age Regression, Parts Therapy, Past Life Regression and others to reframe the event. You leave feeling relaxed, with a deeper awareness and confidence in yourself.

EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

“All learning has an emotional base.” – PlatoDiagram of emotional intelligence

When it comes to happiness and success in life, emotional intelligence (EQ) matters just as much as intellectual ability (IQ). And some experts will argue that it’s actually more important than IQ. Emotional intelligence is the foundation from which you build strong relationships. All relationships.  Which equates to a fuller more connected life, success in interpersonal relationships, a thriving career and goal achievement.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, understand and manage our emotions. Rather than emotion driving us…we become the drivers. It’s the understanding of what motivates our behavior. Responding rather than reacting. When we understand what’s happening internally, we can then communicate effectively, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. It’s not just all about us. EQ is also understanding what’s going on in others; their emotional state. Being able to identify, empathize and engage with other people.

When we’re operating from a high EQ, everybody benefits. Our employees/coworkers, significant others, friendships, children, family, ect…Life becomes an exhilarating ride rather than a series of train wrecks from which we are continually recovering.