Mom n Me

Bday gift from mom…beautiful and perfect. And I cried. The bracelet is a representation of how far my mom and I have come. We did not have the relationship that I needed when I was growing up. And I’m sure that statement is true for my mom as well. No, we can’t make our parents be who we need them to be and neither can we do the same with our kiddos. What we can do is learn how to build bridges, speak a language that may be uncomfortable, shut up – a lot, and let go. Of our stories, our victim hood, our blame … That is if you want to build. This bridge mom and I are on isn’t easy, but damn if it isn’t worth the sweat and tears. XOXO from L to R my parents giving their heart to me, diamonds are my birth stone, teddy is sweet gbaby Owen, Pearl is my Jazz, Amethyst is my Jeff, and Daisy’s are my favorite flower. 

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