My world has changed with my children so dramatically over the last year. My son became a father – thereby I am now grandma, my daughter moved out, she just became engaged and is moving this fall to Chicago. These are all beautiful things. And I still am catching up. I’m experiencing the empty nest – yes, I did teach them to fly…higher than at times they believed possible. There are floods of mixed emotions – joy & grief, intertwined of course in love. My relationships with my children are shifting, I’m not the most important person in their lives – they are and their loves are. It’s how I raised them. And that doesn’t change that there is still a loss happening. Tears. Sadness. Pain. I am in the practice of ensuring that my experience does not weigh on my children, as they are having their own experience.

There’s balancing, lots of communication and also lots of silence. What can be sad for me is joy for them. In honoring myself – I also remember to honor them. Yes, there has and will continue to be loss, changes, shifting, growth – all that uncomfortable stuff. AND so much has been gained. How do you define the gift of a Grandson? The precious little soul that turned our worlds upside down creating another paradise just by being. I am still amazed at how you instantly fall in love with your (g)child and will lay your life down for them. No questions asked. And my daughter’s fiancé, who has brought so much laughter, joy & love to our lives. Yes there has been lots of changes. And I look forward to many, many more – tears included. XOXO

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