Madison Miles
Madison Miles, Lifeology, LLC

LIFEOLOGY, LLC, is the dream realized by Madison Miles, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Life Coach. Madison has been mentoring and coaching in various capacities the majority of her life.  She obtained her Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner’s diploma specializing in Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy at the renowned Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, located in Tempe, AZ.

It wasn’t until  Madison’s early thirties that she had the jarring realization that she was existing and NOT living. And worse, she was existing in someone else’s life. This wasn’t the life she had planned, this was a life developed by acquiescence to and for everyone else. It was the harsh truth of realizing that she had little value of herself, her value came from others. Sometimes trauma experienced can create a subconscious belief system from which you make your life choices. Madison realized the trauma she had experienced as a child had done just that. Embarking on her journey of self-discovery, with the guidance of loving people, she personally experienced life transformation. Upon acquiring the knowledge and tools, she became engulfed with a desire to help and teach others how to step out of what seems like hopelessness and Live Life Out Loud!

LIFEOLOGY provides you with the tools to step into full acceptance of yourself, with no apologies.  We’re here to support you in your journey to discovering just how amazing and unique you are. We already know it…we’re just waiting for you to see it. You have gifts that no other person in this world has to offer, and for entirely selfish reasons, we want to help you share them. The more people we help to live their loudest, best, enlightened, brightest selves…the more people you will touch and share your amazing self with. And thus, the ripple effect is born.  We’re out to change the world! One soul at a time…stop existing and LIVE!

Look around you, the world needs YOU!  You have something to offer that absolutely NO ONE else does…you know….that thought that just popped into your head. Yeah, that one…that secret of secret thoughts… that dream… that you only like to play with – that one!  Who are you NOT to follow that?  All those little voices that just popped up with lists of why you can’t…. why you shouldn’t…. why you aren’t the best…the one… well were here to help you break out of that prison you built for yourself and LIVE!

We’re good at what we do not only because we’re educated with some of the best training, more so because we’ve lived it.  We’ve been there. We’ve been scared, full of anger, hate, fear, worry, alone, depressed. We’ve lived through being molested, survived the beatings, addictions. We’ve been told we’re worthless. We’ve lost the parent, the sibling, the child. We’ve done the work. Like you, we have had the thought that there is more to this, and there began our journey. We made the decision that there is more to life, that we do deserve to be happy, that we do deserve our dreams. Even the really big, OMG ones! and we started taking the steps. Steps of forgiveness of self, of others, steps of acceptance. It is work. It’s also the best work you will ever do. As you uncover the amazing gift of you, your talents, your graces… you get to share your awesomeness with your partners, friends, children, parents… you spread the knowledge. You start to change the world – just by showing up brighter.

We believe in the balance of Mind, Body, Spirit and our teachings reflect that. We offer individual and group sessions utilizing a mix of life coaching, nlp, hypnotherapy and energy work to assist you on your journey.