Who set the GPS?

‘There is no GPS for life’ ~ Lisa Nichols No….no map. Even the best laid plans often go awry. And if we pay attention and actually look at our life, there was a gift being delivered that was never anticipated in the ‘plan’. A lesson learned that has all of the ability of expanding our view and broadening our horizon – provided that we choose to look up from the ‘should have been’. Understand what the true destination is….is it truly the specific job, car, house, person or is it the emotion, the state of being….security, love, joy, happiness. When we unattached from the tangible of ‘it’s suppose to look like this’ and follow ‘it feels like this’ is when the magick kicks in. We move past our limitations and life explodes in a symphony of experiences that deepens us ~ taking us on a ride to heights, once unimaginable. XOXO

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