The Truth About Love

By Lifeologist Chris Johnson

Love is a 4 letter word that has been around as far as I can remember in my life. I grew up knowing that I love my family. It was never an option, it just was. It was always said to each other everyday and even if we were upset with each other we still said “I love you”, just in case. As an adult, I still feel that unconditional love from my family and cherish every moment and memory with them.

I also grew up watching movies and TV shows that showed me a love that I describe as an “Unreachable Love.” This love feels amazing, magical, and whimsical. The Fairy Tale that has me believing that one day my Prince will arrive and it will be “Love at First Sight”. This Prince will take care of me, love me unconditionally, and we will live happily ever after. I used to look for this love and became miserable in relationships that did not involve blue birds chirping or talking Squirrels.

I used to feel uncomfortable when People that I just met would tell me “I love you”.  How could this person that just met me say something so intense? I had to really think about this and wonder if “The 4 letter word” being thrown around was okay for me. Should I say it back? What if I don’t feel it back? Just the thought of this brought me to a place of wondering: “why is it so easy to say that I hate people I just met, but not okay for me to love someone I just met?”

Love is an energy that takes many forms. It brings light and happiness to the world and spreads itself out as far as it can reach. To look at others with love is to truly understand that person with no judgment. You are looking into their soul and accepting every piece of who they are. I am human and I am not perfect. I am still worthy of love in my life, everyone is. Sometimes “Love” is what people need, to become that Better person that they have always wanted to be. 

People say that Love should be easy and that you are lucky to have love. I agree with that mostly, except for the easy part. Love is what it is. It isn’t always easy and it may take work, compromise, and vulnerability. Having love and knowing that you have that support no matter what, is the best feeling in the world. Through good and bad times, there is that Best Friend, Partner, Sibling, Parent, or even Stranger who will be by your side to walk through the fire with you.

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