Parenting to Empower Our Kids

It hurts my heart when I hear the people that I care about degrade themselves. It hurts more when I realize that they’re vomiting up the messages that they’ve received by people that they care about. Just because someone say’s it’s so…doesn’t make it true. It only becomes truth when we believe it to be and then act accordingly. This is a lesson hardest learned by our children. Most parents I know are not out to hurt their kids. Most parents, have the best of intentions. And still, even when leaving our lips – ‘the intending of’ – although sent with concern/love/compassion….may have been received as not good enough/smart enough/thin enough/strong enough/brave enough. I can’t stress this enough – our kiddo’s need to know/understand/embrace that WHO they are is enough, as is. The behavior can need improving, the language cleaned up, more attention to their hygiene, dress, nutrition, ect…All delivered with the attention on the act….not the being. A kid isn’t bad. A behavior is. XOXO

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