Life in Transition

Did 2013 start off as rocking fabulous as you thought that it would?  In talking with friends and acquaintances the words used to describe the start of 2013 were not the words that I had anticipated hearing.  During the last half of 2012, there was so much talk of and the feeling of change, excitement, shifting, enlightenment, joy, understanding, connection, growth & opportunity. So much positive energy and anticipation! And those weren’t the words being used to reply to;  How are you?  What have you been up to? Haven’t heard from you in a bit, everything ok?

The replies, answers and sharing were;   I don’t understand what’s going on, I feel like crap.  My world seems to be falling apart and I feel so alone.  People that I thought were friends, that I could rely on – actually aren’t.   I feel so unsupported.   My friendships seem to be falling away or changing.   I need some time to figure out what’s happening.   I thought I was going where I felt lead and now, I just don’t know.   The job isn’t happening the way I thought that it would, clients aren’t coming and financially it just sucks.

The words weren’t the positive ones, they were and are the words that are painful.  They are words of discouragement, fear, depression,  anxiety, frustration, unsure, scared, uncomfortable, betrayal, alone, hopelessness, anger, blame, guilt, not good enough, ect….

They are words that perfectly describe change and shifting.  And some of us forgot that. I know that I did.  I’ve been battling my own fears, anxiety and insecurities.  Don’t feel like the lone ranger – all by yourself in your discomfort, believe and know that you are not alone in it.

All the growth, shifting, new paradigms and change comes with a price. We’ve got to rid ourselves of the old and shed the what’s no longer good for us.  It’s not when were comfortable, warm and cozy that we move – it’s when we’re not.  This is where we get to decide how we’re going to grow through it; kicking, screaming & fighting it or surrendering to it.  There have been a few days where I chose the first and paid the price for it – anxiety levels skyrocketing, sleep loss, ect.  Now, Surrender. I give. I don’t know it all. I need support. There is a learning happening here and I’m 100% on board.  I’ve gathered my tools, put my plan of action in place and I’m stubbornly and steadfastly marching forward. I still choose to live in joy, in happiness and I have the power to make that happen. What are you going to do?

My Plan:

  1. Hiking at least 3x per week (outside feeds my soul and is healing for me)
  2. Daily EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  3. Daily exercise (helps me to release)
  4. Set up schedule with my life coach (3rd party clarity is crucial for me)
  5. Scheduled in my weekly hypnotherapy (release, release, release and get my subconscious & conscience on the same playing field)
  6. Maintain my healthy diet (imperative)
  7. Establish weekly To Do for work on set days/times – honor it
  8. Maintain balance with my work/personal life – honor it

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