There’s a warmth of knowing where, with who you belong. It’s a strengthening. It touches deep inside to know, absolutely, that you are accepted. Valued. Loved. With all the faults and limitations that us humans have. I see so many of us sell ourselves short, compromise our self, our values, attempt to fit in, stay hidden and/or away because what we’re wanting…truly wanting is to belong.

And some want it so badly that they’re willing to pretend they have it by staying in places and relationships that have sucked their identity from them. We call it tribeing. We grow our families if our families aren’t inherently our home. Belonging is a layer process, with different depths in different circumstances. To go to a job where you know you Belong, brings a sense of satisfaction and joy to the day. You may not share your guts with these people, however you get to be You, in all your fine glory. Don’t settle for less than – find your Belonging. Grow your tribe, your people. Build a world where You get to be You. XOXO

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